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[fic] Honey My Love So Sweet, Naruse/Omi??, Humor, G (2/?) - Contradanza [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[fic] Honey My Love So Sweet, Naruse/Omi??, Humor, G (2/?) [Jun. 21st, 2006|03:53 pm]

Honey My Love So Sweet
Part 2

It didn't make sense. There was delusional and there was delusional, but OMI?!

Kaoru turned it over and over in his mind, in the minutes before classes began. Omi was taking his sweet time with the "amorous freshman," and Kaoru was grateful he knew his best friend as well as he did, and therefore was confident that he hasn't succumbed to the customary showering of praise and gifts that comes with being Naruse Yukihiko's newest "honey." He had to be patient, Omi was sure to come into class soon enough.

Why Omi?? There had to be a pattern somewhere, and Omi had to fall into it. The previous Honeys whom Naruse had pursued were all... well, they were all shy girly boys who could barely put up a fight. In fact, they often resorted to clamming up or else running away, instead of punching Naruse on the nose for his unwelcome advances. Omi was certainly not that sort of wuss.

What if Naruse only went for Omi because he had noticed that he and Kaoru were always together?

Kaoru had half-meant it as a joke, when he implied that Naruse went after the painfully introverted Iwai because he was always with Shinomiya. And he thought Omi had been joking, too. Now, was it turning out they were both right, and Naruse just liked to break up pairs?

It must have been subconscious, at best, Kaoru thought. Still, that didn't make sense... why did Naruse choose Omi then, and not him? What was it about Omi that was Honey material?

He would have to get into Naruse's psyche to understand, and Kaoru would much rather not. It would be like dirtying his feet. Like trying to get into Niwa Tetsuya's dirty little mind. He would prefer the sanctity of his own thoughts, and try to logically explain it to himself, thank you.

As he continued to mull, Omi entered the classroom. He looked unharmed, thank goodness. In fact, he looked pretty normal... except for the blond thing with hearts for eyes walking arm in arm with him.

"I'll be seeing you for lunch, Honey? At the dormitory cafeteria, right?" Naruse asked eagerly. Thankfully, they didn't have the same first period class, and Naruse would have to leave Omi before the teacher came in.

"Sure, Honey. Lunch it is," Omi answered cheerfully.

Kaoru blinked.

Naruse beamed and planted a quick kiss on Omi's cheek. Omi continued to smile pleasantly at him.

Kaoru bristled.

"Ja, Honey!" Naruse said over his shoulder, blowing Omi a kiss. He cast a look toward Kaoru that seemed to be a mix of many different sentiments, but leaned mostly toward "smug." His short blond ponytail bobbed up and down maddeningly (at least to Kaoru) as he left the classroom.

"...Did you just call him Honey?" Kaoru whispered urgently to Omi as he sat down.

The white-haired boy stared at him. "I believe I did," he answered, sounding genuinely puzzled. "Is there a problem?"

"'Is there a problem'?? Have you gone insane? Never mind - what did you find out?" There was no time to waste; interrogation had to begin immediately. He could hear the teacher's footsteps down the hall.

Omi cast a worried look at Kaoru, the way he did when Kaoru was asking for something indecipherable and he had to exhaust all his resources in order not to make Kaoru mad. "I found out," he began carefully, "that Naruse is a pleasant young man who makes excellent eclairs. And that we are having lunch later today."

"What about 'Honey'?"

" - Oh, yes. And that I'm his Honey."

Kaoru wondered if Omi was just asking for a thrashing. The expression on his face was concern, but the way he let out all the vague answers made it seem... almost as if he was enjoying driving Kaoru up the wall.

"...Let's discuss this later," Kaoru finished, making sure he sounded like he meant business. Omi nodded the way he always did, seemingly unruffled by all the unforeseen experiences of the day. The teacher entered the room and there was no more time to be troubled by the issue.

"Later" may have to be after school hours, Kaoru realized, as he sat in the shade alone to eat lunch. He had to admit, he wasn't used to spending his free time alone anymore, even if he sometimes took them without permission so he could think.

And he didn't want to eat at the dorm cafeteria, or anywhere else he would encounter that blond creep who was intent on becoming permanently attached to his best friend. He sighed. Omi had better get rid of that one soon. It was tough eating in the shade without anyone to warn him against incoming itchy worms or pick the leaves from his hair.

"Ah - is that you, Kaoru-chan?"

Kaoru froze. Oh no. Not that voice.

"It is! Hey, what are you doing all by yourself? Having lunch, are we?"

Kaoru squared his shoulders, shut his eyes tight, and against his wishes heard heavy footsteps fast approaching. Then a sound like a large body falling onto the bench he sat on occurred.

It felt a lot like the universe being disturbed.

"Where's your friend, that white-haired fella?" He could hear the malicious grin in the words. "Why, a delicate body like yours could get into so much hurt if there isn't a big strong man to protect you!"

Kaoru ignored him and tried to concentrate on his meal. He acknowledged that the huge oaf beside him was trying to set a lighter mood. Again. Even if the two of them hated each other's guts on principle, he had to give the bastard some credit for perseverance.

Unfortunately, Kaoru didn't care if the bastard was an upperclassman; he currently wished Niwa Tetsuya would take his obnoxiously macho bulk somewhere else to shrivel up and die.

"Hey, you know what? Come to think of it, I think I saw your friend earlier this morning. He was with that other first year, what was his name... the one with the loud voice who likes other boys..."

"Niwa," Kaoru warned strongly, "I'm not in the mood."

"So I guess your friend's gay now, huh? I didn't figure him for that, to tell the truth." Niwa stretched lazily in his seat, unwilling to let the matter go. "Between the two of you, he's always been the manly one. Well... if you call waiting on another boy hand and foot 'manly' and everything..."

Kaoru covered up his lunch box again. "This is your last warning. Stop talking."

"But I guess, if you've been hanging around girly things long enough you're bound to - "

Whatever else Niwa may have wanted to say was lost in a scream that tore through the serene air of BL Academy, shaking awake anything that may have been resting that peaceful mid-afternoon. Kaoru unhurriedly picked up his pepper spray, his covered lunch, and left for another place to eat.

At least the pepper spray turned out handy.

And yet, after school hours, Omi still wasn't available for talking. He came back to the treasury only to tell Kaoru that he had an engagement - to watch Naruse perform an exhibition on behalf of all the freshmen at the tennis club.

Kaoru didn't know how he was expected to react. Omi's face was sincerely apologetic. It wasn't even hopeful. Perhaps Omi had been hoping he would ask him to stay... but if Omi had really wanted that, and if they really knew each other as well as Kaoru thought they did, he would have indicated it somehow.

Perhaps he really did want to attend that exhibition.

"Omi," Kaoru asked softly, "this is just for one day, right?"

Omi was taken aback - mostly by the serious tone of his voice, Kaoru guessed. Then he answered, gentle and assuring as always:

"Yes, Kaoru, I'm sure it is."

Kaoru nodded, then waved him out of the room. Omi gave a slight nod of acknowledgement, and quietly shut the door behind him.

In the meantime, Kaoru made up his mind... that was the last time he was letting Omi out of his sight.

(end of part 2)

[User Picture]From: lyntek
2006-06-21 08:19 am (UTC)
Where is part threeeeeeee :XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Loved Kaoru so much here, like a distressed kitty (and later on inadvertently harrassed by a stray dog, whose eyes he clawed out) The thought of Kaoru being all possessive on Omi's so ♥ though, which is why PART THREE SHOULD BE WRITTEN SOOOON ;O;
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: strawberryharem
2006-06-21 09:05 am (UTC)
part 3 is on the way!! glad it's being okay so far :D :D
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