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[fic] Honey My Love So Sweet, Naruse/Omi??, Humor, G (3/?) - Contradanza [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[fic] Honey My Love So Sweet, Naruse/Omi??, Humor, G (3/?) [Jun. 21st, 2006|10:01 pm]

Honey My Love So Sweet
Part 3

The very next day, Kaoru found Omi waiting for him outside his room, the way he did every morning since classes started in BL Academy.

"Good morning, Kaoru," Omi greeted, as per their ritual.

"Good morning." Kaoru cautiously looked past Omi's shoulder, and up both ways of the dormitory corridor. "What about...?"

"Ah... I told him I had an important breakfast engagement." Nonchalant, as Kaoru had half-expected he would be. In fact, he'd half-expected that Omi would simply say he "took care of it" already... it was Omi's way to simply dispose of complications, after all.

But maybe it was a bit more complicated than that.

"And - that's it? He agreed?"

Omi shrugged. "He does desist when you ask nicely, you know." A slight moralizing tone, the kind that Kaoru always took to be making fun of him and his preconceptions of people.

"So," Kaoru said with a disaffected air, as he closed the door to his dorm room behind him, "we can spend breakfast together, in peace?"

"I would expect so," Omi answered.

"Well then," Kaoru sighed, "we'd better not waste any time." Omi stepped aside to let him lead the way.

They dined together in comfortable silence for a while, the way they did when they run out of things to talk about. But the silence became less and less comfortable as the meal drew on. Someone had to break it sooner or later.

"I presume," Omi began gently, as he put down his fork, "you wish to know about what transpired yesterday afternoon?"

Kaoru didn't answer. It was up to Omi to take that as a cue to proceed as he saw fit.

"The truth is, nothing much happened." An extra lump of sugar in a fresh cup of tea could never hurt. "He requested that I attend his exhibition, and at first I refused. But he threatened to hold exhibition after exhibition until I attended, so I decided to attend and save ourselves the extra effort."

"You really think he would've held those exhibitions if you hadn't gone?" Kaoru challenged, pouring himself another cup of strong black tea. No sugar.

Omi lightly shrugged. "I was somewhat interested too. We always hear about what a good tennis player he is, and it's been a while since - "

"Bonjour Honey~!"

It was like a piercing shriek through the easy silence of the dormitory's dining hall. Kaoru felt the hairs on the back of his neck prickle. Omi straightened up and greeted the newcomer with his standard-issue smile.

"Bonjour," he said alertly. The newcomer, still slightly sweaty in his bright pink track suit, strode up to him and planted one kiss on each of Omi's cheeks.

Kaoru stared.

"Oh, it looks like you're done with breakfast already! I'm so sorry," Naruse Yukihiko said breathlessly. "I wanted to give you this, Honey!" He deposited an elegant white cardboard box on the tabletop. He opened it to reveal an enticing array of candies within.

"I could have gotten it to you in time for your important meeting," Naruse continued to say. "It's a shame I decided to run those extra laps to tone my legs. By the way, my legs have really buffed up since the exhibition yesterday, do you want to see...?" He bent and started to roll one leg of his jogging pants up, and made as if he was about to deposit one muddy rubber-shoed foot onto their dining table.

"No," Kaoru said immediately. Naruse stopped short and shot him an Oh, there's someone else here look.

"Yukihiko-san," Omi began, unruffled, "I thought I'd said last night that I had an important breakfast engagement. My friend and I have private matters to discuss. If it is not an imposition..."

"Oh not at all, not at all," Naruse quickly said, letting go of his pants leg. "I completely understand. My Honey is a member of the Treasury and an important figure in this school. I must leave him to his work, of course!"

"I am truly grateful for your understanding," Omi said. "I will see you later then, Yukihiko-san?"

"Later, Honey," Naruse acknowledged with a wink. "I'll show you everything else that's buffed up since yesterday, eh?"

Another blown kiss (which Kaoru was almost tempted to catch out of the air and slap back onto Naruse's self-satisfied face, if he could actually do it) and Naruse jogged off. Omi's smile had not wavered from the time he said "Bonjour," to the time he waved goodbye.

Then when Naruse was finally out of sight Omi threw Kaoru an utterly serious look, and in a second he was already half-standing.

"Let's go," he whispered urgently, "before he decides to come back." He grabbed the box of candy on the table and followed Kaoru out of the dining hall.

They quietly but quickly left in the direction opposite the one Naruse took, and when Kaoru looked over his shoulder, Omi was already obliviously popping the pieces of candy into his mouth one by one.

"Why does he have to call you 'Honey.' " Kaoru was on full bitch mode. "Does he even know anything about you?"

It was safe to be in the shade now; with Omi by his side unpleasant entities didn't dare show their faces in Kaoru's vicinity. Or at least, they didn't dare show their faces alone, and at any rate Omi alone could take three of them.

"Come on, let's not talk about things that bother us," Omi chuckled. "It's a beautiful day out. We were supposed to be discussing the treasury firewalls today, weren't we...?"

"Does it really bother you?" Of course, Omi should have known that Kaoru could not be dissuaded from anything once he was on full bitch mode. "I can't tell! You even called him 'Honey' too, once!"

Omi scratched his head. "Well, that was once," he argued. "And well... I'll probably do it again."

"What? Why??"

"It's cute," Omi replied, "how his face lights up."

Cute - it was a word Omi often used, even for people. But there was nothing in his voice that indicated he thought of Naruse as anything more than a bear pattern stitched onto a baby's blanket, or a little pink bow tied around a piece of imported toffee.

"I don't see how you can humor him," Kaoru sniffed, "He tends to fawn over his 'Honeys,' and I didn't think you were the type who enjoyed being fussed over..."

"I'm not." Omi picked a leaf from Kaoru's hair. "It's just nice," he said, "being taken care of sometimes."

Kaoru paused.

He was right, wasn't he? Omi was the one always taking care of Kaoru. Kaoru hardly ever expended anything for Omi's sake. It was Omi who remembered special occasions, harbored fond memories, came up with all the nostalgic stories, like all their days together were preserved in a rose-colored movie reel in his mind. It was Omi who got him little things for no reason, cracked jokes when he was down, rode with his whims, sat silently with him when he was feeling pensive.

Omi was the one taking care of him.

Was that the secret of Naruse's allure? Well, Kaoru was changing that. He wasn't giving Omi up to that hormone-overloaded miscreant, not without at least making Omi feel like it was worth it to stay with him.

Starting now. He reached out and brushed a leaf from Omi's shoulder.

(end part 3)

[User Picture]From: altena_san
2008-07-16 05:26 am (UTC)
Ah, so it's Kaoru's turn to play 'Mother hen', huh? Awesome!
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